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The Boston Pilot Schools Network Vision Statement

The Boston Pilot Schools began in 1995 as a research and development arm of the Boston Public Schools, to develop best practices and to be a catalyst for change that could be transferred to the rest of the system. (click here for a more detailed history) The Boston Pilot Schools Network is a vehicle for advancing the dialogue of learning, teaching, and assessment in the Pilot schools. The Pilot schools focus on creating communities of learners, providing rigorous and meaningful curriculum, and ensuring that all students are successful. The Boston Pilot Schools Network engages in:

  • Leadership development for directors, teachers, students, and parents with a focus on creating democratic and shared decision making governance models;

  • Shared accountability, to assist schools in assessing their progress and in developing models of authentic assessment for both students and staff;

  • Political advocacy, that includes documentation and publicity of the Pilot schools' accomplishments, to ensure the support and resources for the Pilot schools that is necessary for them to be successful;

  • Community organizing, with the goal of broadening the constituency of the Pilot schools and strengthening our voice and support.


New! Q&A describes the Boston Pilot Schools Network

  • What are Pilot Schools and what is their purpose?
  • What are the defining characteristics of Pilot Schools?
  • How many Pilot Schools are there and whom do they serve?
  • Why do families and students choose Pilot Schools?
  • Are the Pilot Schools effectively educating Boston students?
  • What are Pilot School practices that contribute to their successes?
  • How are Pilot Schools influencing district practices?
  • How does a school become a Pilot School?
  • What are the five areas of autonomy of Pilot Schools?

    Download this Q&A document in Microsoft Word.

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